September 11, 2018

Youtube channel membership


YouTube announced the launch of a new advertising policy. A ‘channel membership’ paid subscription option allows publishers with more than 100,000 followers to charge $4.99 a month for exclusive content access. Publishers with over 10,000 followers will be able to host live-streamed ‘premieres’ and advertise goods beneath their videos. Such a model has already been employed by competitors (Twitch and Patreon); however, the YouTube video maker commun…ity called the update the ‘adpocalypse’, because many saw a decrease in their income from this update. YouTube explained that the update is a necessity due to numerous complaints about popular brands’ ads appearing next to inappropriate content on the site. The news about the update appeared just after the roll out of Instagram TV, enabling users to publish video up to 60 minutes long directly on Instagram. It is very likely that the update from YouTube is not an answer to Instagram TV launching, because these changes hit different targets. Instagram TV allows influencers and content makers on Instagram to use only one social network (Instagram) instead of two. And this is good for Instagram. But the YouTube update tries to change the ad monetisation model to treat problems with proper content for proper ads, but now it produces new complaints from content makers. This situation could lead YouTube to a decline in users (both content makers and viewers) and decreased ad revenue.

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