February 21, 2019

Voice search opportunities


Marketing agency BrandContent surveyed 2003 adults through Atomik Research in the UK about voice search preferences. The survey found that 34% of respondents spend an average 15 minutes a day and 41% spend at least half an hour a day using voice assistants. It found that 22% of adults use voice search on three to five occasions a day and that 28% of men use it frequently, compared to 13% of women. The study further shows ...that 35% of adults use voice search because someone close to them introduced them to the technology. Two-fifths of respondents would use it to find a local restaurant or order a takeout. More than two-thirds of adults have access to a voice search on smartphones or voice-activated assistant. Fifty-five percent of persons over 65 years old have started using this technology because it is a function on their phone, and 32% of those over 65 would prefer to use voice search for assisting with route and traffic planning. This provides brands with an opportunity to reach all age categories of audience and people with limitations in using traditional keyboards or touchscreens. Car manufacturers have already started the integration of voice assistant in new vehicles (and not only for top models), so research suggests that by 2022 about 90% of new cars will offer with voice-recognition capability. Companies can develop and provide customers new voice features through Alexa Skill (like UKMortgages for helping find suitable variants, Capital One for checking the balance of an account and paying credit card bills) or iPhone Siri (like PayPal for transferring money via mobile app using just voice), for instance. The full report .


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