July 19, 2019

Video on the rise


According to @wyzowl’s latest State of Video Marketing survey (), marketers will increase their use of video content. This survey was conducted among 611 marketers and consumers. Eighty-seven percent of respondents (marketers) are going to use video as a marketing tool in 2019, compared to 81% in 2018 and 63% in 2017. The effectiveness of video has also increased: 83% of marketers who already use video s...ay that video gives a good ROI (78% in 2018). The percentage of respondents who are not currently using video but are expected to start in the next 12 months increased from 65% in 2018 (up from 34% in 2017) to 74% in 2019. Last year, over 25% of marketers used video content. Ninety-nine percent of them will continue their usage, and 88% are planning to increase spending on video. More video means more competition: 90% of marketers feel the pressure to create something special. Consumers show a strong demand for video content. Eighty-seven percent of respondents (consumers) say they would like to see more video from brands. The most preferable way of getting news about new products or services is a short video (68%), text-based article or website post is the following item with only 15% of answers. The number of marketers using YouTube has remained the same (87%, making it the most widely-used platform), but the number who feel that it works successfully for them has dropped from 90% to 80%. There is a kind of myth of vertical video importance. But 75% of consumers say they prefer to watch video horizontally, and 82% are irritated by video that isn’t optimised to watch horizontally or vertically.


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