August 27, 2018

Video and carousel ads in linkedin


LinkedIn is a social network which is oriented to professionals. The platform dominates B2B marketing. Their own poll
() of 202 B2B digital marketers in the UK and Ireland shows interest in video ads. Sixty-two
percent of respondents said that video advertising should be the primary format, and 26% were planning to spend more
than £300’000 on it in 2018 Ninety-three of respondents agreed that video ads allowed them to em…brace creative
content opportunities, 62% said that video helped them build up brand awareness, and 50% said that they spent their
marketing budget on video to promote products and services. In another study, 68% of marketers said they would watch
a B2B video on the site if it was relevant to their job title. Recently, LinkedIn has launched Carousel Ads, which allow
advertisers to display up to 10 customized swipeable cards within one ad. About 75% of 300 advertisers involved in
beta trials noted increased engagement and click-through rates. Metrics of ad performance can be accessed; those
metrics include CTR, number of leads generated, and impressions for each individual card, all of which will be
integrated into a Campaign Manager tool in the coming months. Currently, the database includes high-intent users with
number over 500 million. According to a poll by GumGum and Digiday, LinkedIn is considered the safest platform for
digital advertisers.
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