May 18, 2019

Us ad revenue forecast


According to eMarketer’s latest forecast () on the advertising market in the US, for the first time digital ad spending will exceed traditional advertising in 2019. By 2023, digital will surpass two-thirds of total media spending. The digital ad market will grow 19% to about $130 billion this year. It will be 54% of estimated total US ad spending. Mobile will continue its growth and reach the amount of $87 billion, a...ccounting for 67% of digital ads. Net digital advertising revenue for Google (which includes YouTube ad revenue) will decrease to 37.2% (compared to 38.2% in 2018). Facebook (which includes Instagram) will slightly increase ad revenue by 0.3% to 22.1%. Amazon (third in rank) will increase its ad revenue share to 8.8% compared to 6.8% in 2018. The next companies in the top 5 Microsoft (with LinkedIn) and Verizon, will decrease to 3.8% and 2.9%, respectively. This will be the first time the combined share of the duopoly (Google and Facebook) will drop, even as their absolute revenues grow. It means that Amazon will continue to take a share from other players, and the estimated growth of its US ad business will be more than 50% this year.

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