October 22, 2018

Survey by adobe: smart speakers


Adobe surveyed a 1000 Americans to assess how much attention they pay to smart speakers and the overall usage of it. A current forecast for holiday season is the following: about 50% of users in the US will probably own a voice-activated smart speaker. In 2017 during the same period, nearly 79% of all sold smart speakers occurred in Q4. So the holiday season this year is expected to show excellent growth in sales. According to Canalys market an…alysts, in Q1 2018 about 3.2 million Google Home and Google Mini smart speakers were purchased, while Amazon Echo and Alexa were purchased in a quantity of only 2.8 million devices. The current growth is 4% since December 2017. But another thing is of additional interest for marketers, i.e. the purpose of using the devices by customers. The most frequent answer among 70% of respondents is using a voice assistant for music listening, the second popular answer is weather forecast (64%), and the third popular answer is for asking fun questions (53%). Among other purposes, the most attractive options for marketers are online search (47%), shopping and ordering items (30%), food delivery (17%) and hotel/flight research (16%). 71% of respondents use their devices daily, and only  8% of respondents say they never use their smart speakers. The popularity of actions taken via voice activated device is not as high as via desktops and smartphones however these data can also be used to launch successful customized advertising. Deeper knowledge of the area allows for more personalized ads and search results on such devices.

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