April 26, 2019

Small businesses’ advertising


The Manifest polled 529 small business owners and managers in the US about advertising habits (). Small Business Administration defines small businesses as those with limited revenue and 1 to 500 employees. The large majority (87%) of small businesses do some advertising, with social media (64%) and online (49%) advertising being the most popular channels. Another rather popular channel is events (34%). Traditi...onal media (print – 36%, TV – 22% and radio – 22%) have not been abandoned either. As owners and managers millennials and Generation Xers are more likely to have an advertising budget (95% and 92% respectively) than baby boomers (just 70%). Traditional advertising formats are used by 57% of respondents (mostly by millennials and Generation X), because consumers perceive them as more trustworthy than online and social media. But baby boomers prefer to use social media (49%) and online (31%) advertising than TV (10%) and radio (5%), perhaps because their own experience of traditional media has not been positive. The top 5 social media platforms for small businesses are Facebook (86%), YouTube (51%), Instagram (47%), Twitter (41%) and LinkdIn (32%). The top 5 online advertising options are Google search ads (53%), banner ads (37%), video ads (30%), re-targeted ads (28%) and influencers (24%). The majority of respondents (67%) planned to start using a new advertising medium in 2019.


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