February 10, 2019

Six-second video ads


Video ads have become a popular ad format, and spending on video ads overtook banner ads in 2017 in the UK. Video ads appear on web pages, but the most frequent uses of video ads are in ads before, during and after using mobile applications and before and during viewing online videos (on YouTube, for instance). Users often try to skip ads, so the standard way now is to show non-skippable video ads, for example lasting six seconds.... This is a very short time to attract a user's attention. The media platform Teads analysed 166 six-second creatives from 75 brands. The research was conducted in partnership with Realeyes, an AI-powered martech provider. Each ad was given an 'EmotionAll' score out of 10, after recognition of users' emotions that were recorded using facial coding software. Viewers could stop the video ad at any time, which is why for many ads users often stopped playing before the prime. Six-second ads had an average view-through rate of more than half (55%) on mobile devices. The main and most obvious finding was the problem of how to achieve a high level of engaging with six-second video ads compared to 30-second competitors. Only 16% of analysed six-second ads involved call to action. Call to action is the most effective way of engaging viewers in a short time. Other pieces of advice are to make special mobile short ads and use pretesting to select the most engaging scenes when cutting long TV ads down to a short format.

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