January 24, 2019

Shoppers’ preferences


According to a survey by inRiver (), almost half of European shoppers (45%) prefer to visit Amazon as the first place in the purchasing process. About 6,000 consumers across Europe were polled. Only 11% of respondents visited a brand’s site in the initial stage of purchase. Twenty-eight percent of users started with a search engine. Amazon attracts people for price comparison (74%), consumer review...s (58%) and general product information (41%). The leading place of Amazon as first port is emphasized by the following findings: 41% of consumers won’t consult another online source if all the information they need is provided in the first shop they visit, and just 31% will move to another website within 10 seconds if general product information is lacking. inRiver found out for shoppers who reached a brand’s website that consumers were most likely to abandon their virtual shopping carts and turn to another retailer instantly if images (20%), information on availability (25%) or information on pricing (39%) were missing. For 33% of respondents, videos that showed products in different contexts were most helpful in purchasing decisions. And about a half of consumers said that YouTube was the most trusted video platform for product information. Eighteen percent of total respondents and 28% among 18- to 24-year-olds wanted to see products demonstrated by influencers.


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