March 14, 2019

Salesforce updates


Salesforce has announced a series of updates to its Commerce Cloud platform. The changes include adding artificial intelligence and visual search capability into APIs and developer services. The goal is to give an insightful experience across various customer touchpoints. Salesforce quoted Deloitte research which argued that retailers use on average almost 40 different systems to manage consumer experience. Salesforce integrated some AI-power...ed tools named Einstein into its Cloud service about two years ago. And now the company continues to develop AI capability and includes this tool into its Recommendations API and Visual search. According to Mike Micucci, CEO of Commerce Cloud at Salesforce, the main advantage of the platform is the possibility of providing each consumer with “power personalized and consistent experience no matter how or where shoppers interact with the brand”. The concept is not new. Competitors try to buy existing services or develop their own and to combine all the instruments for the management of the full path of brand interactions with customer in one platform: all methods of communication (CRM, call centre, email, mobile, social media), track purchasing process and money transactions, preparing any analytic reports and generating new personalized offers, especially in real-time mode.

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