December 20, 2018

Return visits and conversions


According to a global study by Wolfgang Digital of 250 million e-commerce web-sites with €500 million in on-line revenue, return visits by users should be a priority for developing a marketing strategy. Average conversion rates (CR) per visit are just 1.8%. Engaging new users is an important target, but building loyalty is much more precious. The study shows that the more visits generated per user, the higher the reven...ue. Currently, only 1.5 visits over 12 months is the average level for e-commerce sites. Engagement depends on the channel. While the CR for web-site visitors is 1.8%, average users of social media are more likely to buy with a CR of 4.4%. The leader is Facebook Messenger that shows a 9.9% CR. Travel sites have higher rates of about 2%. Retail sites have a bit lower rates of 1.7%, but those which are on-line only show CR 11% higher than multi-channel counterparts. Also, CR depends on price level. For instance, hotel sites convert three times more frequently (1.99%) than package holiday sites (0.68%), but the average order values are €378 and €1074, respectively. Google dominates as a source of traffic with a 60% level, but its share is decreasing with increasing use of social media. Fifty three percent of traffic comes from smart phones, 37% from desktops, and only 10% from tablets. Thirty two percent of overall revenue comes from smart phones (growing by 23% year-on-year).

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