May 13, 2019

Programmatic vs direct ads


Integral Ad Science (IAS) measures 1.1 trillion media quality metrics each day in real time. According to the latest report on Media Quality for H2 2018 (), programmatic ads outperformed publisher direct ads for desktop display ads in the UK and for mobile app display in the US. According to a Media Rating Council’s definition, minimal viewability standard is determined as 50% of an ad unit in view for one contin...uous second for display and mobile advertising, 30% for one continuous second on large display ad formats, and 50% for two seconds for video ads. Over 69% of programmatic UK desktop display ads met minimum viewability level. Publisher direct ads were at 67.7% in the UK. In the US, publisher direct desktop display and video ads outperformed programmatic ones (64.7% vs. 61.6% for display and 70.5% vs. 62% for video respectively). It was rather the same picture was for mobile web ads, but programmatic mobile app display met 62.2% in comparison to 60.4% of publisher direct ads. Average time-in-view was nearly 11 seconds for desktop display and about 8 seconds for mobile web display. Desktop video time-in-view was a little bit more than mobile web video (13.69 vs. 13.17 seconds). Optimized anti-ad fraud desktop display and video ads received 2.4% and 2.1% benchmarks. For non-optimized ads, the probability of fraud was about 4 times higher (10.1% and 9.6% respectively) . Unsurprisingly, 36.8% of advertisers and 45.3% of agencies plan to prioritize ad fraud mitigation in 2019.

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