May 23, 2019

Permission prompts in firefox


Advertisers and publishers try to collect a wide base of users to send them push-notifications and frequently ask them for permissions. According to Mozilla’s telemetry data in the Nightly version, conducted during the month from December 2018 to January 2019, about 18 million prompts were shown, and only 3% were accepted. This was in stark contrast to the camera/microphone prompt, which had an acceptance rate of 85%. Therefore, Mo...zilla concluded that the huge prompt number were spam. Now users can stop all prompts via preferences, but it is not comfortable for a large number of users who are interested in some sites. In April, Mozilla announced the experiment in the Nightly version of Firefox Beta to trial a new politic of blocking and then showing a notification of prompts to combine some statistics. Mozilla will also start the short-running experiment in Firefox Release 67 of collecting information on how release users interact with permission prompts. How long have they spent on the site before the prompt appeared? Have they rejected a lot of prompts before? Collected data will be used as a set of heuristics for future permission prompt restrictions. As a general principle, prompting for permissions should be based on user interaction.

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