January 23, 2019

Overestimated ar and vr


There are many articles and studies about the modern technologies AR and VR, which aspire to remake the retail landscape. Some of the interest is explained by the ‘wow’ factor, as marketers try to persuade others that the new technologies are shifting the frontiers. But a new study by Censuswide and Klarna shows that consumers do not share the same enthusiasm. This survey of 2,000 shoppers revealed that four in five did not have ...any interest in these technologies. Customers suggested that this was only a marketers’ game for choosing a ‘shiny new tech box’ instead of fulfilling real wants and needs. Also, 50 retail decision-makers were questioned. Thirty-eight percent of respondents chose the creation of online personas and avatars as a key priority. Thirty-two percent of retailers planned to create virtual stores, but just 10% of consumers said they would be interested in online virtual stores in the future, and 28% of customers just wanted to see a broader variety of clothes in shops. A report by eMarketer found that AR technology’s ‘try before you buy’ concept was of interest to only a third of Millennials in the US and UK. ‘The ability to search by image’ was chosen by 62% of respondents, and 58% said they prefer ‘click to purchase’ content through images, videos, articles, blogs and user-generated content on social media. But new ideas and technologies always take time to become popular.

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