October 15, 2018

New opportunities for hotels


Hotels and marketing giants are searching for ways to join forces and attract more clients by new features and tools. In this regard Marriott International in partnership with Amazon’s Alexa are implementing a project of built in-room Echo smart speakers with an interface for guests (‘virtual butler’ ()). For Amazon, it will be the next step to spread Alexa technology from homes to other fields. For Marriott, it will be a new …level of automated AI-powered services for their clients and an opportunity to collect more information about guests' desires and interests. It allows service providers to not only tell clients about their services but also give them additional information on local activities, shops, restaurants and other places to visit. For the clients, it is a better user experience which will be helpful in organizing their holidays and business trips. At the same time Best Western hotel chain, which has a worldwide network of 4200 hotels across 100 countries, has started project with IBM’s Ask Watson team. The project implies using an existing Weather Company service of weather forecasting for AI-powered technology of giving personalized ads for users who plan their holidays in form of travel tips and conversation. Both examples widen fields of utilizing AI advantages in advertising and personalization.


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