August 16, 2019

New chrome user data policy


Google announced in a blog new limits in its User Data Policy for third-party developers. This is part of Project Strobe for Chrome. All extensions should request access to the least amount of user data. Google requires more extensions to post privacy policy, including extensions that handle personal communications and user-provided content. Also, extensions must be transparent in how they hand...le user data, disclosing the collection, use and sharing of that data. The new policy will go into effect on 15th October 2019. Developers should check their extensions for compliance with this policy update. Extensions must describe requirements for requesting user data and ask for permissions in an “about page” of an extension or in the Chrome Web Store listing. If an extension operates with user-provided content and personal communications, it will be important to handle them securely, including transmission via modern cryptography. Extensions which violate these updates will be removed or rejected from the Web Store and will need to become compliant to be reinstated.

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