January 17, 2019



Google+ is a social network from the tech giant Google. Many users utilize the email service Gmail, and other services like Google+ may also be activated. The number of active users of Google+ is small – about 500,000. In a blog, Google has announced a plan of ‘sunsetting’ this social network for private consumers, rolling out new controls and changing policies and APIs in the coming months to make apps built on Google services useful and ...secure. ‘Secure’, in this case, is not only a word for self-advertising. Recently, some facts were revealed about a bug in the Google+ API that existed from 2015 through March 2018 (), and all 500K users’ static profile data (name, email address, occupation, gender and age) could be accessed via this bug. According to Google Answer, this bug was fixed in March 2018, but the giant preferred not to announce anything about the problem till the end of 2018, because of fear of damage to its reputation. Compared to Facebook’s scandal with the loss of 50M users’ data and big fines for that, Google, with far fewer users of its social network, may not be punished. But revealed information is a hit to the reputation of the tech giant in any case, and to the level of trust for data collectors as well.


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