March 11, 2019

Marketing budget forecast


According to a new report from Spiceworks, 79% of businesses will increase or maintain marketing budgets as they did in 2019, and only 8% plan to decrease it (). The survey was conducted among over 350 B2B marketers across North America and Europe. American companies are more likely to increase budgets (42% vs. 27% in Europe). European companies are more likely to maintain current levels (49% vs. 39% in America). S...mall companies (1-99 employees) are more likely to increase marketing spends: 45% compared to 35% of middle sized companies (100-499 employees) and 28% of large ones (+1000 employees). Regardless of company size or region, the survey found that businesses allocate about 13% of their gross annual revenue toward their marketing budget. The average distribution of marketing budgets is following: 30% on paid media, 22% on exhibitions and other events, 21% on marketing technologies, and 19% on external agencies and contractors. Compared to previous years, martech growth is expected by 51% of respondents, and 44% of businesses expect paid media growth by 44%.  About 16% of respondents expect to decrease their spends on events and external agencies in 2019. Search marketing is dominating, with only 28% of responses for paid media.  Social media marketing is second, with 18% in North America and 25% in Europe. Email marketing and display advertising receive average 12% and 10% respectively. North American companies are more likely to invest in video advertising (5% vs. 2%) and affiliate marketing (4% vs. 3%).

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