December 17, 2018

In-app ads vs pc ads


Ipsos MORI carried out a survey of 3579 Britons who were users of smart phone/tablet and PC/laptop for understanding the perception of  web-site ads on PC/laptop screen,  web-site ads on  a smartphone screen and in-app ads on mobile phones. The survey was commissioned by Google (). In-app ads and web-site ads on smart phones/tablets showed rather similar scores of very good perception and memorability (47...% vs 36% for PC),  left good feelings about brands (49% vs 34%), were very informative (46% vs 34%), visually appealing (50% vs 44%) and less distractive from content (17% vs 27%). More respondents were likely to interact with brands in the future after mobile ads (50% vs 39%) and recommend a brand to a friend (47% vs 37%). Thirty nine percent of respondents agreed that the ad on a mobile phone made them want to buy a product or service from the brand, but for PC ads only 23% agreed with this. Nowadays, smart phones are considered an extension of people. Users spend a lot of time on-line and check phones almost every 12 minutes. Smart phones also catch more of their owners’ attention during dual-screening (watching TVs and using smart phones at the same time). That’s why mobile phone ads are more powerful than ads on a TV or PC. Investment in in-app ads is a good strategy, but don’t forget that a powerful tool with mistakes during usage leads to bigger failure. Other Ipsos research showed that people were more likely to block ads if they found them annoying (69%), irrelevant (56%) or intrusive (51%).

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