January 31, 2019

Important moments for


Rakuten Marketing surveyed over 1,000 marketers from the US, UK, France, Germany, Australia
and Singapore () in 2018 for what important moments were in their plans and...
strategies. The main theme was the wasting of the marketing budget: an average of about 26% of
budgets were estimated as being wasted on the wrong channels or strategies. The lowest estimated waste for
marketers, 20%, was from the UK; the medium, 25%, was from German respondents; and
the highest, 30%, was from French and American marketers. Seventy-five percent of respondents
said that they would change their ad spending platform to another for better reach, although just
36% chose better performance tracking as a criterion for searching for a good platform. Also, 36%
of marketers saw brand safety as under threat, but only 7% said that brand safety tools would be a
reason to change platforms. Altered customer expectations (50%) and the loss of customers (43%)
were the most pressing concerns. Fifty-nine percent of respondents were more likely to invest in
video ads. Influencers marketing received just 5.9% because of the unclear process of fee
calculation and of measuring the results of such campaigns. US marketers were the most interested
in voice investment (48%). VR were chosen as the best investment in Singapore (55%). New
studies should show what preferences are prevalent in 2019
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