November 9, 2018

Google viewability metrics


According to Integral Ad Science, 63% of UK display ads run in the first half of 2018 may be considered as ‘viewed’ by the Internet users. This figure is 19% higher than it was in the second half of 2017.
The results are based on a widely-used standard of viewability set by the Media Rating Council (MRC) and Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). According to IAB ad viewability is measured by the frequency it has been seen by users. For a desktop st...andard banner ad, the minimum threshold for viewability is half of the creative part of the ad which was viewed for at least one second. For a desktop video, half of the creative asset should be in view for at least two consecutive seconds. But for many advertisers that definition is arguable. That is why Google implemented an update for Display & Video 360 Ad platform to customize viewability estimated by various brands. A few hours after setting parameters the results of this statistics are combined by Google’s Active View Solution and can be accessed in the Google Ads dashboard. Advertisers can use metrics accordingly with MRC standard and other similar ones. Also, Google announced the launch of Unique Reach reporting. The aim of it is reducing spam risks with regards to a single user across multiple channels, i.e. facts of deduping users across devices, campaigns, types of equipment and formats. An update for brands allows for using such metrics as brand awareness, recommendations and impact with regards to all videos on YouTube (not only to video ads) showing how video ads influence a customer search and YouTube browsing behavior. Reporting can be segmented by the audience, video creators and publishers which gives a better understanding of what works better in each particular case and allows advertisers to optimize their campaigns.

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