December 4, 2018

Google track retail sales


Bloomberg has published an extract about the deal between Google and Mastercard which helped a big analytic giant to link online ads to physical store purchases.  (). This tool has become available for some advertisers about a year ago. Now an advertiser can see a report on how many purchases from an ad were made off-line and online separately via access credit card database.
The credit card database was bought by Google from Ma...stercard after four years of negotiations. Back then a secret agreement was concluded. Now when some details have been revealed, questions about the privacy of personal financial information eventually have been raised. Both companies said that personal information was not shared. Google spokeswoman said that they built double-blinded encryption technology before launching the tracking product last year to prevent reviewing any users’ personally identifiable information. Also, they added that Google did not have access to such information from partners and did not share their own private information with partners. Mastercard spokesman in its turn said that they shared the information (including sales volumes and the average size of the purchase), only with merchant permissions and without details of any individual transactions. Last year Google representatives said that via Store Sales Measurement they had access to approximately 70% of US credit cards through partners. One could only imagine how much data the search giant receive about all the users' activity on the Internet.

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