October 1, 2018

Google's machine learning ad


Google continues rolling out new tools and features for automated ad placement and ad modification. One of them is Smart Shopping campaigns (). A machine learning algorithm analyses your existing shopping campaign with at least 20 conversions over the last 45 days and at least 100 active users of your website. The system tests your initial product feed with different images and text to find and show the most relevant ads… across Google networks. Also, the tool automates ad placement and bidding for maximum conversion value. Another instrument is
local campaigns, which allow advertisers that have offline shops to share their events, tune ad placement, and engage more offline shoppers to brick-and-mortar shops via relevant search results. According to Jerry Dischler’s blog, Google Ads’ Vice President of Product Management, advertisers can expect around 15% more clicks using the machine learning tool, which tests and optimises ad content in Google search results from 15 headlines and a four-line product description
from advertisers. Last but not least, the tool is a maximize lift for YouTube. This tool will roll out later this year (now in beta testing). It uses consumers’ behaviour of pre-purchase research of products to show brands’ ads at the right moment and to the right audience after they’ve watched a video, automatically adjusting bids at auction for impact and brand perception.


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