December 3, 2018

Google parallel tracking


Google has announced a new feature, i.e. reduced landing pages load time for ads both in Search Network
and Shopping Campaigns (). Since October 30th, 2018 this option has become obligatory
for all Google Ads accounts.
The main idea of the feature is to shorten the distance between a customer and a product, sending him directly from an ad to a landing page (a final URL). ...
In general, it means that customers will no longer spend time on trackers, as the click tracking occurs in the background.
Without parallel tracking, a customer clicks an ad and spends seconds waiting while several trackers (Google Ads tracker, tracking URL, as well as additional tracking URL) load. Only after this chain, the customer can see a landing page. Each redirect to tracking URL takes some time.
Trackers may expand loading time for landing pages for 3-6 seconds on average, especially if the connection is slow. With this feature, Google hopes to reduce lost visits and increase conversions and ad performance for its ads.

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