August 29, 2018

Google ads rebranding


Rebranding and arising of three marketing products from Google is coming soon. As described by Philippe de Lurand Pierre-Paul, Product Manager of Google Ads (), the changes promote greater transparency and permit more control over ads settings for better personalization.
This will include ads on cross-platforms in search results, on YouTube, and even at partners sites and apps. Google Adwords will become Google Ads. Campaigning site…
reported that this rebrand () may signal a possible change in the traditional conception of
keywords to a keyword-less conception where ads are shown according to a brands’ relevancy to the content of the search.
Google says that new brand Google Ads represent a full range of capabilities. One of those capabilities is
‘smart-campaigns’ with machine-learning which will be available for small businesses. A second change is the
consolidation of DoubleClick ad products and Google Analytics 360 suite into the Google Marketing Platform. This process is inspired by advertisers who integrated analytics and media platforms themselves and achieved better results. The third transformation will be the merging of DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange into Google Ad Manager. Google says that the emergence of mobile and cross-screen browsing and the growing demand for programmatic access call for a unified solution. Google Ad Manager will provide publishers access to programmatic deals, private marketplaces, and open auctions in one place.
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