April 17, 2019

Focus on data


A marketing platform for mobile brand YouAppi polled 543 of the world’s top in-house and agency marketers to find out how critical data had become (). The overwhelming majority of respondents (98%) said they had increased their organisational investment in data. 97% said that they had seen improvement, and more than half of them described this improvement as ‘significant’. Areas of investment included reporting and dashboard t...echnology (81%), in-house data analytic teams (64%), purchasing third-party performance data (47%), adding more data-centric roles to internal teams (46%) and hiring outside agencies for data analysis (24%). Both brand marketers and performance marketers participated in the research. Most of the respondents (96%) said that their job had changed to involve more emphasis on data. Marketers believe that job roles and functions may need to be updated to reflect the increasing importance of data, with 96% of respondents agreeing that brand marketers would benefit from adopting the data expertise of performance marketers and 91% saying that performance marketers would need to adopt the positioning and creative expertise of brand marketers. More than half of respondents (91% of performance marketers and 54% of brand marketers) anticipated that their department’s budget would increase in 2019.


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