June 18, 2019

Firefox: fast and private


Mozilla has launched a new version of Firefox. This version continues the process of re-engineering the browser to achieve the best speed, based on Firefox Quantum which was released in 2017. Changes include the deprioritisation of less commonly-used features in order to more quickly prioritise things like the main scripts for Instagram, Amazon and Google. Such scripts should run from 40% to 80% faster. Idle tabs will... be suspended. If a user opens many tabs (50 for instance), Firefox suspends unused tabs in order to keep a computer running quickly when memory is lower than 400 MB. The latest Firefox mtakes new attempts to block cryptomining and fingerprinting. Cryptomining is an attack that secretly uses the victim’s computer to mine cryptocurrency, making money for hackers at the victim’s expense, because of plummeting computer and network performance. Fingerprinting is the act of tracking exact browser movements around the internet, a common advertising-surveillance technique. Mozilla tries to provide users with a browser that allows them to control the level of privacy during web-surfing. According to independent tests of speed, Firefox and Chrome are now evenly matched in performance. But key differences that Mozilla wants to use in competition with Google Chrome are security features and control over private data.

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