April 22, 2019

Facebook relevance metrics


Facebook has announced that it is going to stop using its current relevance score metric. Relevance scores measure whether ads are relevant to the audience they reach. Over next few months three more granular relevance metrics will replace the current relevance metric. Quality ranking and engagement rate ranking will show how the quality and engagement rate of your ad compare with those of ads competing for the same audience. The conv...ersion rate ranking will show how your ad’s expected conversion rate compares with that of ads with the same optimisation goal that are competing for the same audience. Facebook has said that these three metrics will make it easier for businesses to draw conclusions about what they need to do to improve ad efficacy. Facebook has also announced changes to its potential reach metric, which estimates the number of people who will be reached by a campaign before it launches. It is not the same thing as the campaign reach metric, which captures the number of users actually reached. At present potential reach is calculated as all active monthly users , but the estimates are poor, so the algorithm is being changed to include only people who were shown an ad on Facebook in the last 30 days. In April Facebook plans to remove seven ad metrics and replace them with more actionable ones.

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