March 28, 2019

Digital world – social media


Hootsuite presented a detailed annual report on the penetration of digital world into our lives (available from ). This is the second part of the release of data about social media usage. The average social media penetration compared to population aged 13+ is 58%, and completely different from the distribution of Internet access via laptops or mobile. It shows local cultural peculiarities: for China and the USA is the same level (84%). The average amount of time per day spent using social media is 2.16 hours. And the average number of social media accounts per internet user is about nine. Facebook has 2271 million active monthly users. YouTube is followed by 1.9 billion people. The total audience of Facebook including FB Messenger (1.3 billion) and Instagram (1 billion) is 4.5 billion, i more than half of the total world population. WhatsApp and WEIXIN/WECHAT have 1.5 billion and 1.1 billion users respectively. But the average Facebook advertising audience worldwide is only 35% (compared to 76% in the USA or 105% in the UAE), and its reach in China or Russia is negligible (0.2% and 11% respectively). Instagram’s audience is less than Facebook’s – the average worldwide level is 15% (compared to 44% in the USA and the UAE). The Chinese don’t use Instagram either (0.3%), but it is rather popular in Russia (30%). Twitter and Snapchat have much less popularity worldwide – 4% and 5% respectively. LinkedIn with 11% of worldwide audience is only one social media which has 4% audience in China (the least in Japan – 2%).

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