March 30, 2019

Digital world – e-commerce


Hootsuite presented a detailed annual report on the penetration of digital world into our lives (available from ). This is the third part of the release of data about e-commerce activities. 84% of Internet users searched online for a product or service to buy and 91% visited an online retail store on the web in the past month. 75% purchased a product or service on-line via any device and 55% via a mobile device. T...he average worldwide percentage of internet users who bought something online via any device is 75%. The top countries are Indonesia (86%), China (82%), Germany and the UK (81%), the USA (77%). The lowest result was for Egypt (47%). Mobile commerce showed lower results: average worldwide is 55%, the UK and USA are in the middle with 44%, France is at the bottom (26%), and the top countries are Indonesia (76%), China (74%) and Thailand (71%). The average worldwide amount spent on e-commerce purchases by each used is $634, the same result as for China. The average amount for the USA is the highest – $1952, compared to Indonesia with $89. Total annual sales revenue is $1786 billion (increased 14% year-on-year). Top categories for e-commerce sales are travel (including accommodation – about $751 billion), fashion and beauty ($525 billion), electronics and physical media ($393 billion), toys, DIY and hobbies ($386 billion).

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