July 22, 2019

Digital privacy fears


More than half of Internet users (56%) believe that keeping information completely private is impossible, according to a poll by Kaspersky Lab of nearly 12,000 consumers in 21 countries (). Almost half of respondents (46%) have had their private data accessed via online accounts without their permission. Sixty-eight percent of people are worried about data being collected by apps on their mobile devi...ces. Forty-one percent of users are more apprehensive about what happens to their information online than offline. Sixty-two percent of consumers protect their devices with passwords to keep their data private, and 68% use only strong passwords. About half of respondents (48%) do not use illegal software/apps. Thirty-five percent of people try to regularly check and change their privacy settings. One-third (34%) prefer regular system cleaning with special software. Twenty-five percent of users cover their webcams to prevent prying. Sixteen percent of users encrypt their data on devices. The most frequent consequences of data leakage are stress (36%), spam and adverts (25%) and money loss (21%). But some people are ready to share their private data: 18% of users would do it if they got something for free and 39% would accept money in exchange for giving a complete stranger full access to their data.


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