June 14, 2019

Demand on personalization


According to a survey from Periscope by McKinsey (), about half of consumers are more than willing to opt in to receive personalized communications via SMS, e-mail or social media from the brands and retailers that they know. The research was conducted across 2,590 consumers in France, Germany, the UK and the US. Fifty-five percent of Americans, 52% of British, 46% of Germans and 44% of French peo...ple surveyed often or sometimes sign up to personalisation. At the same time, on average 39% of consumers (France 47%, UK 42%, Germany 40%, US 36%) indicate that most messages they receive still feel like mass marketing. However, about 31% of received messages (US 37%, France 32%, Germany 27%, UK 26%) stimulated consumers to react. People in all countries agree that they most want to receive messages about products related to their interests. The top motivating factors are getting a better offer, messages about products they want to buy and products in their price range. E-mail is the preferred channel for receiving personalised messages. Shoppers in the UK, US and Germany identify coupons linked to their loyalty cards as their second most preferred channel, followed by adverts on WhatsApp (US and Germany) or Instagram (UK). French consumers put Instagram adverts in second place and coupons in third. SMS gets rather high engagement level in all countries. British shoppers (40%) are the least likely to open and review SMS messages; they also open only 41% of instant messages in Instagram. The highest level is for German shoppers: 67% read instant messages in WhatsApp and 57% opened SMS messages.


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