May 22, 2019

Data spending


The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) polled 105 professionals focused across marketing service providers, developers and publishers about investing money in audience data and preferences in 2018 and expectation in 2019. The top three answers of which cases most occupied their time, attention and resources during 2018 were general audience analytics (58%), cross-channel audience identification (52%) and cross-channel measurement and attribution... (42%). The third and second answers were expected to be the most important in 2019 with 57% and 52% respectively, while general audience analytics were fourth with 40%. The largest number of professionals surveyed (78%) were planning to invest more in data spending in 2019 in comparison with 2018. And only close to 3% said that they were planning to spend less. The main reason for data-related efforts was demand/interest from their own customers (66% of answers in 2018 and nearly 70% expected in 2019). Other drivers were far below: a growing emphasis on investment/measurability (47%), a general desire to be more ‘customer-centric’ (39%) and competitive pressures (38%), etc. Government regulation/threat of regulation (53%) was named the main challenge to data usage. Two other top marked obstacles were poor data-sharing protocols (35%) and difficulty in proving ROI of their own data-driven programs (33%). Two top topics that will command marketers attention in 2019 were better reporting, measurement and attribution (75%) and cross-device audience recognition (42%).

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