April 1, 2019

Corporate consumers


About a quarter of UK consumers make purchasing, employment and investment decisions based on a company’s reputation, according to the UK branch of the MWWPR agency (see infographic ). They call such consumers “corpsumers” (corporate consumers). People in this category are more likely than average consumers to be millenials and generation Z, to be employed full-time, well educated and high-earners in their age group. If ...companies take a stand on social and policy issues, it will play very important role on purchasing decisions, because 93% of corpsumers prefer such companies. Ethics and actions of companies strongly impact corpsumers’ behaviour: 98% of them agree that perceptions of good corporate citizenship or social responsibility influence their purchasing decision, 97% say the same about how company treats its employees. The most frequently discussed themes which are important for corpsumers are environmental policies (55%), equal pay and employment (51%), animal welfare (49%), employee working conditions (48%) and product safety (47%). More than half of corpsumers prefer to stay with products and services they are not satisfied with because they support other efforts made by the company. 73% of corpsumers actively influence others to give up or not use product or service because of the company’s reputation, and 71% encourage someone to buy product or service because they want to support the company. Corpsumers advocate for what they believe (not for the brand): 76% of them are likely to share positive news and 74% are also likely to share negative news about companies.


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