November 23, 2018

Content marketing


A B2B research, rating and analytics company Clutch has surveyed 384 employees who read business-related content online to learn their ability to encounter, recognize and react to content marketing (). 86% of respondents were confident about the fact that they were able to identify business content as content marketing. And 60% of people consider business content they consume online as content marketing. According to Content Marketing In...stitute, over 90% of B2B marketers use content marketing to engage audience. As content marketing products are popular among businessmen who are involded in solving marketing goals of their companies, they can recognize other business content and create their own content for their brands. Most frequently answered options indicators for content marketing were: publications on a company website (27%), links to a company website (21%), author bio including a company name (21%), mentioning a company products/services (19%). 67% of respondents think that content marketing is useful and valuable. Transparent and high-quality content engage people better. According to research 53% of content marketing consumers were more likely to revisit a company website to learn more about a company, and 50% were more likely to research a company website to know more about products and services. 39% were ready to purchase a company products/services. Content marketing allows to engage people and pass through two top stages of sales funnel: ‘awareness’ and ‘interest’. 82% of content marketing consumers said that they purchased a product/a service from a company as a result of content marketing. So almost all actions online: blogging, sharing educational videos, publishing news and articles or refining a company website should be considered as a content marketing. And it should be worth reading and watching for audiences to be engaged.

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