May 7, 2019

Content marketing


Nearly half the respondents (49%) in a survey of about 320 commercial marketers by the Content Marketing Institute () said that their agency was in the ‘sophisticated’ or ‘mature’ phase of content marketing, 29% were in the ‘adolescent’ phase and only 21% in the ‘young’ or ‘first steps’ phases. The majority of respondents said their content marketing efforts were highly successful: 32% said that their approach was extremel...y/very successful and another 46% said it was moderately successful. Storytelling, used by 69% of respondents, was the most frequently used technique for bringing a brand’s message to life. The distribution of use of paid content methods was as follows: sponsored content on social media (79%); search engine marketing/pay-per-click (57%); banner ads promoting content (35%); native advertising (30%); partner emails promoting content (25%); content recommendation engines (16%). More than half the agencies (58%) expected to increase their content marketing budget in 2019 and about 24% of this number planned an increase of more than 9%. The Content Marketing Institute has concluded from these findings that agencies that use content marketing to promote brand awareness are quite successful in doing so.

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