December 19, 2018

Connected people in the uk


Nowadays, people can be reached by advertisements at any time and place. Ofcom presented results of its annual report on the communications market in the UK in 2018 (). According to study, about 24 hours a week is the average duration of time for a person to be on-line. Seventy percent of respondents use their smart phones during commuting. Sending and receiving messages (43%) and using social media... (32%) are the most popular activities for commuters. Twenty seven percent of 18-34 year olds prefer multi-tasking while commuting, but only 9% of 35+ year old people do so. At homes, people are reachable for ads with different devices: 95% of households have TVs, 42% have smart TVs, and 58% use tablets. Seventy eight percent of UK adults own smart phones and 44% own a game console. Thirteen percent of UK households have smart speakers, three quarters of them are Amazon devices. People who are 54+ years old are less likely to have smart phones and other digital devices except TVs, and more than half of all those watching TV in the UK are over 55 years old. Nearly 51% of all radio listening is now digital, and radio revenue is at the highest level in the last five years. Sixty two percent of the time spent on-line was on mobile devices, and mobile advertising made up 45% of on-line advertising in the UK in 2017. An interesting point is that BBC web-site visitor numbers overtook those of Amazon in the UK and became third after Google and Facebook. According to another study commissioned by KBH On-Train Media, 73% of rail commuters in London use mobile devices for browsing items, and 26% actually go on to make a purchase during their journey. Clothing and footwear (39%), expensive and unusual purchases including holiday items (15%), and car and car-related goods (9%) were some of the most popular items for buying by commuters. Ads are everywhere and connected people can search for more details and make the decision to buy immediately.

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