July 12, 2019

Brand value rank


According to the latest global brand value report from WPP and Kantar (), Amazon has become the most valuable brand in the world. Its brand value increases by 52% year-on-year to $315.5 billion. Amazon has broken the duopoly of Apple and Google, the previous most valuable brands since 2007. Apple has remained in second place with a modest rise (3%) to $309.5 billion. Google has fallen to third pl...ace with small growth (2%) to $309.0 billion. Fourth place has been kept by Microsoft, with 25% growth to $251.2 billion. Over a decade of technology brand leadership (Microsoft till 2006, Google and Apple since 2007) has been interrupted by retail: the second biggest retailer in the Top 10 is Alibaba Group, in seventh place with an increase of 16% and a brand value of $131.2 billion. Facebook has retained the sixth place with a slight decrease of 2% to $158.9 billion. Rocketing growth has been shown by Instagram (#44) with 95% year-to-year. Salesforce (#46) and Adobe (#45) have also demonstrated fast increases of 58% and 57% respectively. It’s worth noting that Generation Z (born since 1996) creates more value than others. Twenty-three companies from the Top 100 by quantity were founded by Gen Z, and they represent 34% of the Top 100 brand value. For other generations the data is as follows: Gen Y (Millennials): 13% and 18 companies; Gen X: 23% and 13 companies; Boomers: 5% and 11 companies; Traditionalists (before 1946): 25% and 35 companies.
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