November 26, 2018

Brand safety


The fast-growing popularity of video ads and estimated expenditures for video ads in 2018 at nearly $30 billion are requiring more space and time for video ads on social media networks. And brand safety is under big pressure from ad agencies with inappropriate content. According to Sizmek’s survey of 522 brand marketers across Europe and the US, 38% of respondents admitted that their ads were delivered through controversial or unsafe web pages (). 61% of marketers currently have a third-party brand safety solutions/partners. However, 64% agreed that it was challenging to implement an effective brand safety solution. 57% said that their current solution was too expensive. 64% of marketers said that achieving brand safety negatively impacted the performance, and 71% said that it was difficult to reach the right audience in the right context. One of the examples is Mars which announced in August an issue with its ads on YouTube rolling before a video with a violent content. Last year a number of top brands such as Cadbury, Adidas, Mars, eBay, etc. pulled funds out from Google-owned video platforms after an investigation by The Times and BBC that revealed a lack of tools to monitor and protect viewers (especially the young) from inappropriate content and possible brand risks. Almost 90% of Sizmek’s respondents said that they planned to increase brand safety efforts in the next 12 months. 76% prioritized getting more transparency for display ads, 64% prioritized reducing the number of vendors in their supply chain.

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