December 27, 2018

Block-chain for personal data


IAB's Tech Lab announced PrivacyChain, which is a block-chain-based protocol that allows companies to track consenting user's personal data. Previously, some developers offered to use block-chain solutions for making advertising and purchasing process more transparent for advertisers, publishers, and consumers. IAB Tech Lab decided to implement the same idea to another important issue of our modern time, which i...s data protection regulation compliance. The developer emphasizes that all of PrivacyChain's participants have a single, consistent, and up-to-date view of consumer's opt-ins or opt-outs. For consumers, it allows them to easily tune which piece of data and for what participant it would be accessible. Additionally, Tech Lab says that this standardized solution can be deployed not only for GDPR, but also for all of the similar policies, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act and Brazil’s Data Protection Law.

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