March 21, 2019

Blending physical and digital


According to a new report from Boston Retail Partners (BRP), stores must blend physical and digital strategies in order to offer customers a personalized shopping experience in every retail channel. The research found that 32% of consumers were more likely to buy at a store offering AR experience over a retailer that did not offer the service. And 29% would like to experience VR as part of a shopping environment. Consumers were mor...e likely to value technology rather then human interaction to provide themselves with a faster and easier purchase process: 55% of customers were more likely to shop at a store with self-checkout, and 57% would go to a store that offers automated returns to speed the process. The report also discovered that 19% of retailers already had Internet of Things capabilities and 36% were planning to implement them within three years. Artificial Intelligence was used by 23% of retailers at present, and an additional 30% were planning to adopt it. That means that more then 50% of retailers in the near future will provide consumers with seamless shopping experience off-line and on-line. Brick and mortar shops spread into the online world, and online retailers will actively share their presence in off-line world.

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