October 8, 2018

Anti-tracking in firefox


Firefox has announced a plan to implement three key initiatives (): improving page load performance, removing cross-site tracking, mitigating harmful practices. According to a Ghostery’s study, 55.4% of the total time for an average website loading was spent on loading third-party trackers. For users on slower networks, the impact can be even worse. Now blocking trackers which are slowing down websites performance is being tested …both in Firefox Nightly and in beta version. After tests, it will be integrated into Firefox 63 (the next release). To increase users' level of privacy Firefox will strip cookies and block storage access from third-party tracking content. This feature is available also in Firefox Nightly and after beta testing will be available in Firefox 65. Some trackers fingerprint users – a technique that allows them to invisibly identify users by their device properties. Other sites have deployed cryptomining scripts that use a device features for their own purposes decreasing its performance at the same time. These activities are potentially harmful for the Internet users. Firefox says that the changes are not a war against advertisers and trackers for total privacy, it is an opportunity for users to make their own choice deciding which websites are allowed to track their data and which are not. Websites should ask users for tracking in exchange for content, this approach is right and fair for both sides.


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