April 16, 2019

Ai offerings from salesforce and oracle


Salesforce and Oracle have announced their latest AI-flavoured offerings. Salesforce updates include reply recommendations, use of natural language processing to suggest the best responses to agents carrying out chat and messaging, article recommendations and automated routing. Einstein Next Best Action is an extension to Salesforce’s Service Cloud that is intended to offer ‘optimal recommendations at the... point of maximum impact’. The Salesforce presentation suggests that companies will be able to enter their data and create recommendation strategies, which they will then be able to refine before activation. Salesforce claims these recommendations helpful to identify cross-sell or upsell opportunities.  The word processing application Quip has also been upgraded and integrated with the Einstein AI, to enable agents to co-author documents and collaborate with experts on particular requests. Oracle has announced updates to its finance, marketing and HR products. These updates feature machine learning, including an expense reporting assistant and a digital assistant that provides status updates and learns from previous time entries and project planning data. The data science techniques and self-learning algorithms can become an advantage of the advanced financial controls which is aimed is to prevent leakage and to provide a continuous analysis of transactions and configurations around audits.  The AI-based access controls are presented as a way of helping to protect business data from insider threats.

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