February 15, 2019

Ai for consumer-first martech


The CMO club, with more than 650 members, together with Selligent Marketing Cloud, which provides more than 700 brands, presented a report of issues of building strong consumer-centred relationships. Personalization nowadays can be achieved by using AI technologies with access to big data (clouds). This research, based on a survey of 69 marketing leaders and 6 in-depth interviews, shows that delivering consumer value is more import...ant than driving sales revenue, and delivering consumer value requires a consumer-first approach, not only in strategy but in practice. Many marketers are in the process of gearing up to automate personalized marketing. Marketers find that the most difficult aspect is accessing consumer data, particularly for marketers that use the data of a big cloud . Many marketers are not satisfied and give cloud vendors low marks for custom integration (57% below average) and custom feature development (54% below average). Vendors provide their clients access to collected consumer data, but vendors don’t provide enough tools for using this data. Marketers understand that this is their own job to do, but many marketers are not ready to analyse big data by themselves. The research shows the frustration that marketers have during implementation of personalization. It requires complicated solutions and a high level of special skills.
The full report .


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