October 11, 2018

Adobe marketing updates


Adobe delivers big data storage, advertising tools and analysis for marketers. Recently the company has announced updates for Attribution IQ,  Adobe Analytics' Analysis Workspace tool. This new feature for Analytics Cloud gives users a choice of 10 different models allowing them to measure the efficiency of their campaigns. It provides a visualized customer journey and clear view on all steps where the consumer interacted with a brand. “Instead of simp…ly comparing display versus social ads, for instance, users can now see how individual campaigns and even specific keywords performed using a rich set of attribution models,” said Trevor Paulsen, Adobe Analytics’ Senior Product Manager, in a blog post. Other product, Adobe’s Experience Cloud, claims to be used by 9 out of 10 of the world’s largest hotel chains and 7 out of 10 of the largest airlines. Some new features of Adobe’s Experience Cloud are now enabling to track travelers across touch points and use amass data for powerful personalized advertising. The expanded integration between Adobe Analytics and Audience Manager could help an airline or a hotel understand and identify each customer step and prepare customized ads and offers for each customer. The third update of Adobe Advertising Cloud allows advertisers to target users of smart speakers on Tune-In, with 90-second audio ads. Tune-In is a service with more than 75 million listeners and over 120000 radio stations.

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