October 4, 2018

Ad revenue in the us


More than half (58.5%) of US digital ad spending was captured by two dominating companies in 2017 Google’s part was 38.6%, and Facebook’s part was 19.9%. eMarketer estimates a decrease for both companies to 37.2% and 19.6%, respectively (combined 56.8%), in 2018 ().
Google’s ad revenue in absolute numbers will reach $39.9 billion in 2018, up 14.5% over 2017, but the growth of the digital ad budget in 2018 and the activity of its riva…ls lead to slight declination of Google’s portion. Instagram accounts for 5% of the US digital ad market, and 28.2% will be its part in Facebook’s US mobile ad revenue in 2018 Amazon’s ad revenue will climb 63.5% to surpass $2 billion, sharing 2.7% of the US digital ad market. Estimated growth for Amazon will reach 4.5% by 2020 Snapchat will demonstrate skyrocketed growth at 81.7% and overtake $1 billion for the first time. It allows Snapchat to share 1% of the US digital ad market from 0.6% in 2017 Twitter will fall by 4.9% to $1.12 billion. This is the second consecutive declination for Twitter from 2017 Every player tries to earn more money on the digital ad market, and about one-third of ad revenue for them is based on mobile users.
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