August 22, 2019

Ad-block lost revenue


According to the Association for Online Publishers (AOP) in the UK, which audited ad-block rates for 11 of its members over the last three years, the growth of ad blocking was steady in the UK. Rates dropped for desktops, while mobile ad blocking continued to grow. The pace of growth became less compared to 2016. The average number of blocked ad impressions decreased to 10.2% in Q4 of 2018 from the highest ...point at 12.8% in 2016. Desktop blocked impressions fell by 0.9% to 21.6%, but mobile blocked impressions increased to 2.4% from 0.4%. Despite some kind of stabilization, the estimated amount of annual lost revenue dramatically increased to £950,000 ($1.2 million) from £630,000 ($837,000) in 2016. Using ad-blocker software is not a sign that such people are unreachable for ads. According to findings from the study firm Visual Objects, about 60% of ad-blocker users (500 people from the US were surveyed) disabled filters for some websites (paused or ‘whitelisted’). 56% of people who ‘whitelisted’ websites did it to allow ads in social media, and 34% did it for gaming websites. 28% of users had to disable ad blocker because it prevented the webpage from correctly loading. 66% of ad-blocker users were willing to customize their ads and improve their own advertising experience by offering feedback to companies about their ad preferences. Facebook  (45%) and YouTube (31%) were the most popular websites for customization ad preferences.

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